Facility Access

Facility Rules

  • This core facility is a multi-user facility and wishes to provide to its users efficiency, training and safety. To accomplish this objective, we ask all users to observe the following etiquette guidelines.

  • Equipments have to be booked online for internal users through the Biofisika Booking System or or contacting via email or the "External Users Booking Form" for external users.

  • Plan your microscopy session in advance to be ready to start on time. We all understand that experiments can be cancelled at the last minute so be kind to inform the rest of the users the time slot has been freed.

  • Systems CANNOT BE BOOKED WITH MORE THAN 15 DAYS in advance.

  • Complete the booking record for efficient servicing and usage statistics for planning future acquisitions.

  • For special requirements like temperature, CO2, multiphoton or special objectives write it in the booking record. External users must also provide a contact number.

  • Microscope systems in the facility are highly complex and expensive pieces of equipment and can ONLY be used after an introduction session given by the Facility staff and never by any user’s labmate. In order to guarantee the performance of the systems, there is no exception to that rule, even if prior knowledge of similar systems exists.

  • Cleaning and safety. Oil, water, glycerin, objectives must be cleaned, samples removed, NO UNCAPPED NEEDLES, TOXIC OR DANGEROUS MATERIALS, NO LATEX GLOVES WHEN TOUCHING THE MICROSCOPES.

  • Any problems observed when operating the microscopes should be notified to the facility staff through email or contact via the internal chat that you will find in the computer desktop.

  • NO SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD IS ALLOWED in any of the computers without clearing in advance with the staff.

  • Image data should be moved immediately to the data server of the unit. This data can be stored in the server for 2 weeks unless you have a storage account in the server.

  • No bookings longer than four hours are allowed during office hours (9AM-6PM).

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Guidelines for Acknowledgement

  • All publications resulting from the use of instruments within the facility should acknowledge the facility as a whole, e.g. "the authors gratefully acknowledge the Basque Resource for Advanced Light Microscopy (BRALM) located at Instituto Biofisika (CSIC, UPV/EHU) for their support and assistance in this work" and the facility should be informed of the publication.

  • Specific grants that have funded the facility instruments used for the work to be published must be acknowledged if the data was acquired during the active period of that grant. Facility staff will advise users of such grant codes.

  • As in all scientific publications, co-authorship for a member of the BRALM staff is warranted when an individual has made a significant contribution to the scientific work being described, such as substantial contributions to conception and design, acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data. Please discuss acknowledgements with facility staff prior to manuscript submission.

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Facility Fees